Whoever does not love does not

know God, because God is love.

1 John 4:8


I'm a Christian, Husband, Dad,

Domainer & YoungLiving distributor

I am married to a creative and idea-filled Wife Fiona, we have 2 wonderful daughters Chloe and Mia. I'm a committed family man who spends most of my time with my family, I am their driver, butler, cleaner, handyman, delivery guy, and personal assistant. Hard work but I love every moment of it.

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I am a ambassador of Christ

Today our sermon is about "what do we believe in our faith", our church also challenge us to use this title and in the same time our friends gathering last night we also talk about the same topic. For me, my faith is base on the unconditional love I felt from God, and the hundreds of daily testimonies since I receive Jesus as my Lord and saviour.

God teach me how to love and care the people around me, I have never learn this truth before and God's word open my eye to see how selfish I am, always thinking of myself. God teach me love is unconditional, and I spend everyday to learn this truth.



Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I'm a disciples of Christ, I love to evangelise and witness God's grace and power. I'm happy to share the Gospel and my testimonies with you and reach out to the people of all nations.


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