I am Sorry!

There is always something in life when you look back you are not proud of or even felt bad about. Recently I received a message from a person I knew 20+ years ago, we have no contact other than a couple of weeks that we know each other and I have no plan to contact each other ever again. That why I have this post up and want to let this person know that, what I have done in the past is wrong, I'm sorry for what I have done and If I have ever hurt you, I'm very sorry and I want you to forgive me. I'm young, I am selfish and I'm very likely to be stupid too. I don't know Jesus at that time, I don't know the TRUTH and what's right or wrong, all I think about is myself and having fun and since everyone I know is doing it, why don't I do the same.

Since I give my life to Christ, God teaches me what love is and shows me all the SIN have committed in the past and I repent to God forgive. Pleases accept my apology and move on with your life, pray for you and if you don't know Jesus yet, please get to know Him, he is awesome and you will love Him.

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