Jesus Did It!

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Before I tell you what God had done today, I just want to tell my wife that I love you, I wrote this on my blog because I want to share how amazing God is and the sense of humor God had. I'm not trying to bring you down or bad mouth you. We love you, we need more quality time from you and we also need you body and your soul together when you with us, not your body with us but your soul is inside whatsapp

If you read my last few post, you know i was kind of frustrated by our love one spending to much time on their instant messengers, FB etc… and I been praying for weeks asking God’s help to deal with this. And 3 days ago, I told my brother Hunter about my frustration on this matters, and we pray about this and seek help from God. On that very same night, we had a really nice dinner with no phone on the dinning table, I’m happy but things go back to way it was the next day. I keep on praying every days, and last night it had got to a point that I felt completely helpless.. So I pray extra hard and ask God and Holy Spirit for help..

Today God made an amazing move, something that I had never imagine. My wife call me this morning from our home phone while I’m driving my daughter to school, and told me that her phone fell into the toilet and die. I was smiling and praising God in my heart and told my wife, God is so great.. what an amazing ways to answer my prayer.

I love you God and Praise you forever!!

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