Mia share the Gospel

Yesterday after school, Mia told me she told her classmates about God and Jesus and her classmates got really interested and Mia want me to buy some extra bibles so she can give to her friends.

God is amazing and I thank God for giving Mia the heart to serve and to share. I am so proud of Mia for her boldness, she wants to know about the Bible and she have tons of questions about God and about Bible sometimes i don't even know how to answer.

Thank you Holy spirit for leading her into this path and I pray for her to continue to chase after God and follow Jesus.

And last night, she told me she search in Spotify on Podcast about Jesus, and Steven Furtick come up and she listen to it.

Love you Jesus!

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Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I'm a disciples of Christ, I love to evangelise and witness God's grace and power. I'm happy to share the Gospel and my testimonies with you and reach out to the people of all nations.


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