Putting on some new wheels on my car

This is one of my nicest car so far, I had been so cheap for the last few years getting some old 2nd hand car and than I found out the maintenance and fuel they required is a lot. Recently I come across this car from Asiaxpat hk and learn about the benefits of a diesel car from my best friend. I decided to go see with Chloe.

We love it, this car is great, comfortable to drive, great condition [thank you the previous owner for such a well keeping]. And filling this car up is.only cost about hkd500 and it can run nearly 900km. I love it compared to the cayenne that we fill up hkd1500 and can only drive 380km. Is a huge saving.

Totally love this car, Thank you Jesus for connecting me with the previous owner of this car and we actually become friend and share our faith.

God is Good

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