How i met Jesus

I meet Jesus through Pastor Stephen, he is my domain portfolio manager. I knew Pastor Stephen for 5+ years, from a domain meeting. I have no idea he is a Pastor until May 2014. When I look back on how I meet Jesus, it seems everything is planned 5 years ago, after I meet Stephen, i move my whole domain portfolio to Stephen’s company domain manger. The parking is performing better and that’s where our relationship started, on and off we meet once or twice a year for a quick lunch and go through my stats together. If Pastor Stephen had told me anytime earlier he is a Pastor i will not be interested to learn from him about Jesus, but it happen right at the moment when i am having a difficult time with my wife.

On 25th May 2014, i received an email from Pastor Stephen and learn that he just back from Australia and like to meet up for lunch to go through my domain portfolio, than i reply sure, lets do it tomorrow. We tried to arrange this lunch for months and I been so lazy and keep pushing it back. But today, something tells me I had to go so I reply right away. Than me and my family head out to Mongkok to check out the pet street, we walk for an hour and checked all the pet shop, on the way back to our  car, I crossed the road with Chloe (my older daughter), and my wife is right behind us and just before she cross the road, she saw a friend and start talking with her, in the same time she let go Mia’s (my younger daughter) hand and she walk out into a busy road without even looking. I turn around and saw Mia in the middle of the road and i was totally shocked to see her alone in the middle of the road with cars coming, i quickly ran to her and pick her up. After my wife realised what just happen, she apology to us. Well i guess that is just pure lucky there is no car coming at that moment, else saying sorry will not help much.

From that moment on, i got so frustrated and wanted to start yelling at my wife but because the kids is around and i can’t really yell, so i keep it to myself and just complain it at a nice tone. But inside i’m totally burning with anger and frustration. When I got home i was so angry I even feel pain in my stomach, i can’t sleep well and so totally mad. The next day, i drive Chloe to school and back to the office. I meet Pastor Stephen at around 3 pm, we had a beer near his office. Pastor Stephen told me he is heading back to Australia in Jan to do more ministry work, and that’s when I learn that Pastor Stephen is actually a Pastor and he is been helping other people by deliverance ministry for years. This is something i had never heard before, and because i was so frustrated with my wife, so I ask pastor Stephen to help me release my anger and the frustration.

We meet the following Friday for my first deliverance, we meet around 11 am and Pastor Stephen start telling me who is Jesus and how he love us. I can’t believe I had this patience to listen to Pastor Stephen. If just 1 weeks ago someone told me I will spent hours listen to Bible and Jesus. I don’t think i will ever believe it. But today is different, although I only understand maybe 30% of what Pastor Stephen said about the Bible and how Jesus die for us for our sin. After I have a basic understand of who Jesus is, than Pastor Stephan started to pray for me. It was a 20+ minutes pray, during the pray I didn’t feel much of anything, Pastor Stephen had told me I may cough, yawn or even vomiting. But during the whole praying I don’t feel much, but just before I left, I start burping and it keep on burping through the day. I think I burp at least 10-20 times in an hour and all the way before I slept, my last burp is close to 12 am in the morning.

The next day was amazing, I felt wonderful, light and peaceful. Everything my wife did which usually annoy me  now it didn’t, I even felt a little joy when I saw that happen. Is like I clicked the “FACTORY RESET” button, all the error is gone, bad memories formatted and even found parts of the lost loving feelings. More I think about these events, more I believed this is setup by God, if my wife didn’t let go of Mia’s hand that day, all these will never happen. although we do have small argument something but it never cross my mind to seek help from other, specially spiritual help. Without this event, even I knew Stephen is a pastor, I will not ask him to help me and will never meet Jesus.

Now I meet Jesus, I do see things differently. Something frustration and anger will come back, but i know how to ask them to leave. I’m so interested to learn more about the Bible and I always had my ipod with me,  full of audio book about Jesus and Bible. I have a story about “from Zombie to Jesus” to tell on my next post.

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