What God Is Leading Me This Week!

We were attending the morning service on Solomons Porc HK last Sunday, at the end of the praying session, I saw my wife in tears, my heart is broken and I know what is happening, I saw this before when pastor Steve healing someone’s heart in Jesus name.  I know God is working on her heart. At night, we pray together with our daughters and the next few days I’m praying to God please heal my wife’s heart.

The amazing thing happen,  I looking for some sermon in podcast and the podcast form Southeast Christian Church pop up in front of me and featuring Kyle Idleman, he is the author of one of my favorite book “Not a fan”, so I start listening from the earliest sermon, Kyle talks about weeds and fruits, it got me very interested because I always have questions about the meaning of fruits.. so I keep listening, after a few sermon, Kyle start taking about marriage, relationship and intimacy with wife..  And it hit me, God is teaching me through this sermons on how to honor my wife. A few sermons speak to me clearly and directly to the things I had done wrong specially the sin I had done in my pass and completely guilty about it. I felt really bad but the good news is  Kyle also show me what things I can do to strengthen our relationship.

Thank you God for saving us and Thank you God for guiding me everyday. If anyone having trouble in their marriage, I highly recommended to go through the  “The Story of Us” sermons series by Kyle Idleman click here, than click on the small “BLUE” play button to play online.

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